Arlington’s schools are among the best in the country but we still have more to do. 
We face the challenges of a growing student population, tight budgets, and a 21st-century economy that demands graduates who are not only proficient in technical areas, but also creative and capable of thinking critically. We need to have a broader conversation about how we can meet the needs of every child. I'm excited about the opportunity to work with, and serve, our kids and community.

Here are my priorities:

  • Promote critical thinking over standardized testing so students spend more time learning and have more opportunities to develop technical, analytical, and creative skills in the classroom.
  • Tackle overcrowding with strong leadership and constructive community engagement that emphasizes long-term planning, careful data analysis, and transparent decision-making.
  • Give teachers the respect and support they deserve by providing sufficient resources and encouraging two-way communication.
  • Support children with mentors so every student has an adult at school who knows them and is there to help.
  • Continue investing in the arts and strengthen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs with more hands-on learning in all grades.
  • Be budget-minded by prioritizing funding for teachers and classroom learning.